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Work Gloves

The mission that stands behind the YBS Safety Workwear is to ensure the best supply of safety work gloves to everyone who needs them. We are proud to offer not only strongly competitive prices, but also the best quality of service. The satisfaction of our Clients is the most important for us! What do you need in your work? We are selling all kinds of work gloves including rigger gloves, welding gauntlets, waterproof gloves, rubber gloves, heat resistant gloves, garden gloves, chemical resistant gloves, thermal work glove as well as leather gloves. The work gloves we are selling are consistent with UK Safety standards. That is the reason YBS work gloves are providing the ultimate protection for your hands while you’re working. Don’t worry about your safety – this is our job!

We want to take the best care of our Clients so we are offering Free UK Delivery Mainland. Do you want to find out that YBS Work gloves us a best?  

The Correct Protective Work Gloves

Do you need protective work gloves for your job? Choose the best ones with a little help of our pictograms.

Thanks to provided pictograms you will easily identify which work gloves are the most suitable for given purpose. Each symbol stands for a different kind of risk at work. The number below shows how well the given glove did on the test. The rule is simple – the higher the number the better the performance. We marked all of our gloves with appropriate symbols to indicate their adequacy.