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Materials guide

Acrylic - A polimer that is resistant to water, common solvents,acids, weak alkalis, as well as abrasion. Soft and warm, it insulates from the cold. Mixed with cotton, it makes the knit more lightweight.
Aramid - Aramidis lightweight, supple, comfortable and washable. It provides effective protection from cuts (above level 5, with stainless steel reinforcing), fromconvective  heat  and  offers  durability  and  performance that far exceed that of leather and cotton. Gloves made from aramid only, mostly achieve cut levels in EN388:2003 of 3. Kevlar is the aramid fibre developed and commercialised by DuPont.
Cotton  natural Cellulose fibre. Supple, soft, non-irritating, it provides protection from mechanical hazards, absorbs perspiration and makes continuous wearing of dipped protective gloves very comfortable.
HPPE - High  Performance  Polyethylene  (HPPE)  is  flexible, tactile, light and durable. It is almost as resistant to cuts as a para-aramid but with more resistance to abrasion and remains resistant to chemicals, in particular solvents. Gloves made from HPPE only, mostly achieve cut levels in EN388:2003 of 2/3 unless blended with other yarns such as steel or glass. Dyneema is the HPPE fibre developed and commercialised by DSM.

Latex Natural rubber latex is supple, robust and provides excellent dry and wet grip. It provides protection from household aqueous cleaning detergents and good resistance to alcohols and ketones. It does contain natural rubber roteins and users can become sensitised to tchem.
Nitrile A synthetic rubber copolymer  of acrylonitrile and butadiene, nitrile is ideally suited for handling fueks and aliphatic hydrocarbons . Offers good mechanical durability, but is less puncture resistant than latex.
Polyurethane (PU) An elastomer that is resistant to wear, abrasion, tearing as well as harsh oils. Remains supple in cold conditions Micraporous, very elastic and adapts easily to all of the hand’s movements.


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