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YBS Safety Workwear is a leading provider of workwear which operates in the UK market. We are the full professional workwear supplier and we are able to stock a wide range of products which are necessary to protect you and your employees during each kind of jobs. For last two years we achieved a high level of knowledge and experience and lots of customers trust us buying our products.

In our large offer you can find: workwear, safety footwear, gloves, goggles, ear protection, eye protection, head protection, dust masks, knee pads and more.

We are able to supply every kind of workwear you need and send it to your house or company directly for FREE.

We sell our products not only via Internet. Our stationary store is located at:
180 Wood Street Rugby
Warwickshire CV212YX
We are glad if you find some time and visit us!

We know that a superior protection is needed on and off the job and YBS Safety Workwear offers the protection you need, the comfort you demand and quality you want.


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How clean are your industrial work gloves?
It’s probably something that you never thought about before, right? It’s certainly a conversation stopper at parties, but something very serious on a professional level. Gloves come out of the packet, so they have to be clean. Read more»
WHAT IS EN 397? Industrial helmets

This standard applies to protective helmets for industry where the helmets is intend to protect a static user from the predominantly falling hazard. A series of impact test must be carried out using a fixed head-form and a falling weight in order for a helmet to meet this standard.

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Is grip the new safety feature?
Is grip the new safety feature? This will, perhaps, be the world’s shortest article, since the answer to that question is yes: grip is indeed the new safety feature. But why is grip able to offer the glove user more safety? Surely gloves have always had grip, so how can this be a new thing? Read more»
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